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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
Isn't Scotts s/Halts a pre-m??? 2 pre-ms and broadleaf 'cides are hardly 'organic'... I spot spray weeds but never use pre-m on grass... I build soil structure and plant grass all year round if necessary...

Anyways,,, another thing that 'organics' does,, is allow the plant to better utilize the nutrients available by building a better soil habitat...
One more issue in 'organic',, is the idea of healthy plants growing naturally... the timing of fertilizer apps , is also very important...

I prefer terms like 'Naturally Healthy' rather than 'organics', because it appears that 'organics' is becoming more manmade than synthetics nowdays... soils are ignored as far as their water/air ratio and 'drainage/retention ratios are concerned... soil tests are fine in extreme conditions but grass is essentially a weed that was designed to fill in vacant spots of the planet... a MATURE standof grass exists naturally, but our involvement has made almost every lawn a dependant, struggling mess with barespots,, large and small all over the place...

Points to Ponder...
I am a little confused by your response.

I was asking you what your Bridge Program was. I interpreted your reference to synfert as meaning standard synthetic fertilizers which include pre emerg, herbidcide, insecticide etc. That's why I asked the question about what you considered a Bridge system between organics and synthetics. As I mentioned, I do use pre M and only spot treat with herbicides.

BTW it is irrelevant whether any substance you add to your lawn is manmade or "natural", organic or synthetic. What matters is how it interacts with the soil to create a healthy and sustainable ecosystem for grass to grow. Milorganite is considered organic but it is man made.

Anyway back to my original question. Can you define specifically what it is that you consider a Bridge Program? You have clearly put a lot of thought into it and I value your opinion.

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