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Originally Posted by lazyike View Post
You are assuming alot about the OP spray equipment.... I have one sprayer that will cover 12.5 acres with 250 gallons of water and with my skid sprayer I spray 100,000 sq. ft. w/ 300 gallons and my lt rich will do 1 acre with 18 gallons, we need to know what his sprayers spray volume is to tell him if 2.5 gallons is the right amount for 250 gallons of water.
Wow, you are spraying heavy.

Wouldn't you assume that if the OP said 1 acre with 12 gallons common sense would tell me it's a low volume sprayer and probably a Permagreen. A 250 gallon tank would tell me he is hand spraying with High volume. Which I would bucket test 1 gallon and set my pump to fill one gallon in one minute. That would give me the 1 gallon per 1000 sq ft benchmark I have heard since 1990 when I started spraying lawns. However, It may be different for different turf types.

However, I don't like spraying turf, The only time I spray turf is when I am doing the bentgrass putting greens we take care of.
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