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Originally Posted by Breezmister View Post
Here is a link to Stihl manuals, the HT 101 looks like it should help you out.....

Here we had a HT 75 and something else that was a Echo drive head but I don't remember what it was, it was a near clone of the HT 75. The Echo thing held up better then the Stihl, but it got caught in a tree one day and got bent out of shape, just to old to repair... The Stihl I rebuilt twice, same problem you have, then it fell out of a tree, cost to much to repair.

What I would recommend is some thing like this, either in a Tanaka or a Echo. It is much lighter and easier to handle.
Thanks breezemister! But where is the link? I have a Echo Power Pruner as well! both are good, the Stihl is lighter, but the Echo has the 4' extension option on top of what it came with that puts me at about 18? feet or so, little farther reach than the stihl.
The carb is bad on the Echo as of 6 or more years ago and just haven't got around to fixing it as I bought the Stihl instead. But I kept it!
This may be a good opporunity to have 2 good running saws when its over. I think I liked the Echo better, but can't!
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