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Anyone have to contend with Rattlesnakes?

Im in the panhandle of Florida and in my 4 weeks of business in my new region, ive come across a dead diamondback rattlesnake freshly run over by a car in a neighborhood, and I came across a live one crossing the road from an abandoned golf course into the residential part of a neighborhood i just finished servicing.

Im not positive but I would venture to say it was not a diamond back. I didnt spend too much time looking at his markings but i would guess it to be a timber rattler since the diamonds didnt really stand out to me. i think it was too big to be a pigmy rattler.

I got out of my truck and touched it with my extended trash getter (about a 3' extension) but i messed around and he escaped on me. I actually wanted to trap him so he could not enter the residential area and i was going to release him somewhere in a largely wooded area away from housing. I left him alone for about 20 seconds to do something in the bed of my truck and by the time i came back i caught a glimpse of the rattle making its way into a wooded lot.

Does anyone else contend with them? i have a good healthy respect for them but im also intrigued by them as well. Im not a handler, nor do I claim to know how. I understand more people get bit each year from screwing with them rather than accidental contact. I just like to look at them and study them. they are so majestic. however i would have loved to keep him out of a neighborhood where he might come into contact with a child or a dog.
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