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I worked for them last summer. Their pay is LOW, for me it was $20 per yard. The biggest problem was that the properties were scattered all over the county and I would burn up all my profits in gas just gettting there. They also would send you an invoice every two weeks to verify your work completed. About 70% of the jobs had the wrong price. They would try to pay you less than you had originally agreed on. It was up to you to contact them and correct the invoice or you just got screwed. My contact always said it was the accountanting department for the mistakes on the invoice. They will pay more if the grass is over 2feet high, or if the lot is over an acre. ($10). I talked to a guy and he claimed they paid him no less than $25 per yard, he claims you have to be firm with them from the beginning and demand $25 minimum and they will pay it. It was more of a hassle for me, I quit them.
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