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Darwin Thanks for remembering you can PM me or email me at

"I believe you should register your name in all counties you work in"
I registered with the state. Registering with each county is news to me. Hey I don't know every thing if I missed this I need to know more about it myself. I had an accountants help with all my paper work when I got started and I think I have every thing but heck with all there is to do well could you explain a little more what county office did you register with?
Like an idiot I let my pesticide and herbicide permit expire a few years ago when I was managing a bar. We started using round-up beans and corn on the farm and have the locale elevator spray that for us and so I just let it go. Now I am expanding my business and doing lawn care so I have to go and get them again. Oh well it is a different category any way as I under stand it.
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