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Originally Posted by Kelly's Landscaping View Post
Personally I despise holidays they are not enjoyable as a landscaper they just up the stress levels. So last week with Mothers Day coming up we mow Wens-Fri and are doing about 200 accounts I am not certain the number my partner an I haven't had any time to go over our lists in a week or so. Anyways my first 2 days were total wash outs we did get to mow Friday but we were 2 days behind by then and I lost 2 hours to a starter on a mower deciding that would be a good day to die. Sat was also a total wash out and Sunday was of course Mothers Day so off limits. So the hit was huge I knew I was going to be when they changed the weather forecast on Tuesday. So I get to lose 4k plus in mowing and then as if that wasn't fun enough I get to deal with 2 weeks of growth this week cutting on the normal days. Or give up all side work which was promised and couldn't be missed by cutting 2 days earlier which while would make some happy but it would piss off the end of the week guys who would rather their lawns be a foot tall then get cut on Monday total no win situation.

So now we get to be greeted to a dozen dumb phone calls every night for the last 2 days are you coming? when? omg its tall! Yes it is and they all take longer now but thank you for calling and wasting my time with a call back its not like we wanted to sleep after back to back to back 12 hour days. I should have this sorted out by Saturday but I can't help but be pissed it picked a holiday weekend in the high growth month of May to give me 2 days of rain and a day of it on my overflow day with the 2nd overflow day being off limits. My guess is I will lose 1 or 2 accounts which sucks but I have picked up a dozen in the last week and a half the price of expanding I guess.
I know there's more than just being solo vs having employees in a situation like this but reading a post like this makes me glad I'm solo and keeps me solo.

I don't give in to the demands of clients anymore. if you hire me you hire how and when I do things as well. if you can't wait or don't want to wait find someone else. if you can't allow me to move your mowing day around from time to time due to weather find someone else.

I don't worry when weather hits. I just pick up where I left off as soon as I can. I've always stuck to my schedule PERIOD. if I loose a day or more to rain not just the mowing gets pushed back. EVERYTHING gets pushed back.
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