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We have become a society that places price before quality. It used to be that people would expect discounts and generally would get more for less. They would compare offers and generally seek the the best value even if it was not he cheapest. A lot of those guys lasted while they could and are now under. The new group is finding ways to operate with this expected new normal by providing less service. There are still people out there that appreciate the quality aspect, but more and more are finding it hard to resist the value pricing of the rest. Like I said you used to be able to get both, but since expenses have not dropped society has resorted to dealing with a cheaper product, and the new crews are more than willing to help. I see it time and time again. The new customer is so focused on being cheap that they are willing to allow bad service to get it.

The reason for this is not an economic issue as many may think. This is a generational issue. The 55+ crowd is the quality group for the most part. They grew up with families that had to earn something if they wanted it. Many grew up in small houses, in poor neighborhoods, and today have much more because of their hard work. The new generation, my generation does not have an appreciation for this. They generally grew up in nicer environments, and have not had to sacrifice much in their lives. For the most part they have no appreciation for quality of hard work because they have never had to do such a thing. Instead it has always been an issue of someone else will do it or take care of it. Now look at the upcoming generation being raised by my generation. We are totally F'ed. This generation will have no life skills that their grandparents had. They will not know how to make a phone call or have a conversation. Courtesy and manners are out the window. They will have next to no skills pertaining to physical labor and they will not be able to problem solve real world situations. In a way as advanced as the world is, it is digressing at the same time.
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