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Originally Posted by puppypaws View Post
1/2 qt in 50 hrs is very acceptable by Kohler's standards (not mine), I just talked with Exmark last week and was told they were seeing oil usage during the break-in period, whatever that period may be I don't know.

I have been told by Kohler engineers at their factory more than once, that 1 oz per hr oil consumption on their air cooled engines was acceptable. I find this hard to believe, 1 oz per hr would have put your engine at 50 ozs, or 1.56 qt in 50 hrs, that is a poorly built engine by tolerance standards in my mind, and I've owned many Kohler engines.

I have found through the years if a engine begins using oil from day one, it will continue using oil, maybe to a lesser degree, but a certain amount of oil will be added between changes.

Engineers will tell you that burning a small amount of oil in an a/c engine is part of the cooling equation, how small that amount may be, I have no idea. I've owned Kohler engines of which I may add a few ounces between changes, but I've also owned the same engine where no oil may be added. This so-called cooling part of the equation does not seem to hold true where all a/c engines are concerned.

I'm honestly very surprised Kohler would OK a dealer engine swat with that small amount of oil consumption, yes, I am really "extremely" surprised. I've had their engineers make the statement, "we will not get into a warranty claim situation until a usage of 2 oz per hr for an extended period can be documented." With this statement, I'm not sure if the people were just stating their thoughts, or if in fact that was company policy. As with your engine swap, if this is company policy, it was not adhered to. I think in your case this may have to do with a good dealer, distributor, manufacturer, working relationship.
This is my 4th Exmark with a Kohler engine and this one I've had problems with. Other three are great not a big oil useage like this new one. Yeah I get the oil usage for breaking in a new engine but I think I'm past this point. I know at one point Kohler had them replaced the heads on the original eninge to see if that would fix it, when it didn't brought it back in the broke down the engine and so happen a kohler rep was coming by they looked at it and said replace it. What exactly was wrong with it I'm not sure. I just got a new engine so I wasn't to concern thinking maybe just had a lemon engine.
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