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I am also interested in anyone's oil consumption stats.

This oil usage issue is why I am not a fan of Kohlers anymore. I grew up using them, and have always been very happy with them until the last few years. Now, I see more issues mentioned here, or hear of more issues at a dealership with Kohler than any other brand. My CV730 in my brand new Z720 used about one third of a quart in the first 8 hours, then after the oil change (recommended by Deere at 8 hours), it used a quart plus in the next 32 hours. Not accaeptable at all to me, and it is embarassing to pull up to a job with new or at least clean looking equipment and then start my Z and blow a cloud of smoke so large, that you could hide an average sized garage in it.

The last Kohler I had before that one would also use oil more than any of my Kawi's by a wide margin, but still nowhere near as much as on the 720.
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