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Originally Posted by captken View Post
I decided to post here on the drive home, covered in a silvery grease paste, blood blisters on my thumb and feeling totally defeated...................At this point i may give jack la lane a run for his money and make a blender out of it.
I am going to have to get a illustrated drawing to see how the rivets and bearings go in.
Slapper has it, he has experience, but I just can't make heads or tails out of it until I get the drawing.
Unfortunately Stihl will not make available this information available.

"Illustrated parts lists, technical updates, and workshop manuals are not available to the general public. They are available only to authorized STIHL Servicing Dealers."

One of my guys was using it and tried to fix it before I got there and I decided to jump right in and save the day by field stripping it all the way down.....????
In my haste, I cannot remember how the bearings go in, in relation to the rivets. The main rivet I believer Slapper was talking about is about halfway down the shaft. There are other rivets as well. There are pockets on the bearing shafts that look like a rivet sits in it.
I got the groove right with the bearing insertion, the top boom will not retract all the way.

The good news is that my dealer will help me with the technical drawings and when I get them I will post it.

I would have followed up but have been very busy, sorry about that!

Thanks you guys!!
Kenny...i left out a step..
First...the extension tube goes in from the sawhead end...
You located the correct rivet..halfway down the tube under the plastic covering..
That is the only rivet you need to be concerned with...the outer tube also has 2 small triangle shaped ridges that run the length of the need not worry about which direction that the bushings go into the tube....because they have small slots for the ridges and a big slot for the rivet..
Position each bushing so that the big notch lines up with the rivet when it slides into the tube on the 2 ridges...
Insert the extension tube first...slide on the collar and tighten it...
Push the extension in far enough to insert the alum starshaft from the other end..
Install ....spring....bushing...spring....bushing...handletube...tighten handletube...snapring....
Hope this helps...
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