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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
Here are some things to consider.

1) If the roots you want to cover are within 5-7 feet on both sides of the drip line, I would exercise extreme caution.

2) In order to realistically cover the roots with turf you would need a minimum of 4" of soil. This will change a number of soil factors which can impact tree health.

3) If your fill soil is different than the native soil in these areas, your management requirements will be dramatically different. For example, irrigation requirements. What you will end up with is having to over irrigate the rest of the area in order to keep the turf covering the roots alive. This will be detrimental to both turf and tree(s) for numerous reasons.

4) Ignore everything axe just said.
The roots are nowhere near the drip line of this tree. Everything needs to be raised at least 4 inches. The tree is the highest point in the lawn so all the water will drain rather quickly. They just had a new driveway put in so I would imagine they had to cut several roots as the tree is right next to there driveway. If anything I would have thought the raised bed around the truck would have smothered it. I will need to take some pictures the root exposure isn't nearly as bad I have seen and other lawns. Just the shear size of this tree makes me cautious as it is beautiful.
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