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Originally Posted by Colaguy View Post
It prob was a Timberland rattle snake. I killed a (6) footer while canoeing north of Cantonment FL yrs ago. Not very aggressive unless cornered. pigmy's are more dangerous. No rattler & very small. I killed one while cleaning out a flower bed ten yrs ago. Snake (venomous) encounters in NW FL are often rare.

I catch a few of these every yr & they are totally harmless. Bring em home and release into my garden.

Glass lizard snake:
Thanks for the good info. Yeah, this one was definitely not a pigmy. It had a few buttons on his rattle and i could hear him "tap" it every so often. Its like he was not concerned about me. I dont even think he was meaning to really make it rattle. it wasnt a consistent rattle. it was like every now and then the rattle inside would rock around and you could hear that but nothing that would be conveyed as a warning or alarm. he didnt seem to be to intimidated or aggressive. he just wanted to get away and find a mouse or something. he was definitely beautiful for the 20 seconds i messed with him. as far as the boots go, I just bought some wolverine wellington style brown work boots so i hope they are high enough to repel an accidental encounter with a snake.
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