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I'm a professional fireman here in alabama been a fireman for 7 years. A few years ago I decided I didn't want to do it full time anymore because of the pay of a fireman sucks around here. I've been at lowes driving a truck a while and make more money driving that truck than as a fireman. That's just sad in my opinion. I volunteer now to keep my credits up and work part time spill shifts for 12 hours when needed but not often. Next year il drop down from full time at lowes to part time and run my business full time. Il have lowes to get me through winter when it's slower. I can't just sit around. I have to be doing something always. For you fireman I understand! Officers do not do near what we do and their jobs are a lot easier compared to fighting fire. I was a reserve officer for a few years so I'm not speaking from not knowing.
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