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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
Tossing compost out of the wheelbarrow, with a shovel, is not the way to do it...

Keep the wheel barrow in motion and keep the arm fanning the post evenly over the ground... requires 2 people, but much faster than any machine I'm aware of...

My biggest concern is running these heavy machines over the turf, again and again,, going back and forth to the truck/pile... what does that do to the grass???

I would be careful about investing in something until you're sure it can pay for itself in a season or 2...
I'm having a hard time visualizing this process. How are you spreading the compost with your arm? Can you post a video of how you are doing this?

I can't imagine building a top dressing business without a machine. When I was doing it, I found the Earth & Turf 100 sp to be a wonderful investment which paid for it self in one season. I was able to sell it at a good price when I changed my business.

The benefits of compost far out weighed any compaction cause by the machine.
Barry Draycott

The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.
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