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Originally Posted by Mondragon Lawn Serv View Post
Yes it is customer wanted something to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. If it's not trimmed back it will grow all over quickly. It's a really nice plant,.the customer took a picture already with a few.hummingbirds around it already. I will try to see if I can get it from them.
I'm still working on my plants and learn more and more, I'm currently making an excel that will help me with having the right plants in the right place, also to learn their names hahaha
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Bingo. Glad to hear you did your studies on it. I like it a lot as well, will get extremely large though. Doesn't get used enough if you ask me.

That might be too tight of a place to maintain it. I have seen them bet 25' tall and 15-20' around here. Might be different there.
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