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Originally Posted by flyirwin View Post
I worked with several of the people there and they never paid. I told them i wouldn't go to the site for less then 25.00 and several of the cuts i did for them were negotiated over the phone and through email for 35-90.

needless to say the company never paid. the total was around $800 they stiffed me for.

Not sure how anyone could be working for them a year. They told me that the company had just started this summer.

They also tricked me into going to homes that were not vacant twice. i was clear that i would only do grass cuts and they sent me to basically take pictures. The guy on the phone even got really excited when i was telling him someone still lived in one of the homes. he was like ' YES! thats what i needed to know get a picture of them in the house.'

Pineland Preservations is not an honest company.

i am going to report them to the bbb, and i could do a lean, but who wants that hassel.

they also sent me text messages alot. about 16 of them a day. plus phone calls. actually, i don't even want to think about them anymore. i can't stand doing so much work for an out of state company and not getting one cent!
AGREED~!! This company has screwed me out of sooo much money its ridiculous. They wont even pay you for cancelled yards! This is why I started making agreements over the email before I do the work.. I am only keeping them until I find some more work.. SO FRUSTRATING! They did me SUPER WRONG. If you report them I want to do it with you
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