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Originally Posted by Greasy Monkey View Post
I've been a diesel tech for over a decade now, and the best running machine I ever had the joy of driving was a '97 Ram with the 12V Cummins. (noted, those were notorious for cooking the trans, but a quick fix with a drill bit and you're set.) My point is over the last 10 years, the industry has killed what used to be a good thing. I was getting 27-30mpg's in a lifted 3/4 ton truck with a long bed. You just aren't going to find that anymore with all the stuff they put on these new trucks. Between the DPF's, EGR's, and computer systems, you are choking your diesel to death. So, as a commuter, you want something new and shiny...but as for me, the older, the better. (I did a side job and dropped a GM 6.2 diesel out of a wood chipper into a buddy's truck, he's getting 32mpg's and after 4 years, never a tick out of that engine.)
I agree. Today's diesels cost too much for what they offer. They look awesome and have great extra features, but some of the older diesels have proven worthy for over 10 years so why not buy them. I'm getting great mileage on my 24 valve and i can do all the repair stuff myself.
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