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Originally Posted by Skipster View Post
Do you ever have a problem with scalping or tall grass from low spots b/c the customer's lawn isn't perfectly flat or even?

That's one of the reasons I haven't used or recommended that my customers cut with reels. I like reels, but I haven't seen many home lawns that are smooth enough to use one without scalping or high spots.
The best thing about the John Deere reel mowers is the roller system on each reel- one grooved on the front and a smooth roller on the back, which navigates any high spots really well. We won't reel mow a client's lawn until we've at least put down some sand to take care of the large bumps and holes. We try to level all new customers in the spring, and usually it takes 3 years of scalping and sanding to get it golf course smooth.

If you are using a walk behind reel mower, look into the aftermarket rollers that you put on to replace the front reels. It's amazing what a difference you see when the individual casters don't drop into any imperfections in the surface.
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