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Your points are valid and largely correct Tim. I cannot speak for any other manufacturer of LED lamps, and yes the market for retro-fitting LED lamps into incandescent fixtures is massive, but in the case of the LED lamps that I developed (now branded as Illumicare) I can absolutely tell you that the initial idea was to produce a LED lamp that would replace incandescent and operate properly inside traditional incandescent fixtures. From the beginning I saw serious challenges ahead for those heading down the integrated LED fixture route and that is why I saw the LED lamp as a better solution. (We are talking about 5 years ago now... almost ancient times in terms of LED applications) So although the retrofit market is huge, I cannot support calling LED lamps LED Retrofits, because that is only one application that they are suitable for. Besides, LED Lamps is 9 keystrokes and LED Retrofits is 13 Keystrokes... so that is just inefficient!
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