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Originally Posted by seabee003 View Post
Thank you. This is similiar to what I have been thinking. I forgot to mention that I also topdress with spent mushroom soil in the fall (don't have access to good leaf compost which would be my first choice).

I use Milorganite from May (Memorial Day) to early Sep (Labor Day) because microbe activity necesary to convert the nitrogen to a grass usable form should be max during the warmest seasons. I may be misunderstanding your statement end of heat of summer but are you referring to late September (you are probably zone 5 and I am zone 7 so we may have to adjust when comparing timing)? If so, I think we are using similiar approaches except for the PreM.

I would prefer not to use PreM but I have trouble controlling crabgrass without it. Other weeds I can control with a thick healthy lawn and spot treatment with herbicides. Is there a better solution for crabgrass?
Usually our Heat breaks during the second half of August and the Fall rains would be starting then, so I could apply the synfert as early as that... the advantage of getting it down by that time is our turf can get a chance to burst back to life while the irrigation is still on; so if that is the only opportunity for the turf to "Winterize" becuz of an Oct/Nov drought, it would still be OK...
The last 2 Oct/Nov periods were extremely dry, so our drought period started in Late Summer 2011 and just ended with this snow melt and wet Spring...

I can't say what it takes to Beat CG in Z7,,, but that is another aspect of the "Bridge Program", that you use what works ONLY when necessary... someday you might be the one that makes pre-m unnecessary in Z7...
Now that I know that clay's texture(platelets) has nothing to do with water infiltration, percolation, or drainage
,,, I wonder what does...
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