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Originally Posted by seabee24 View Post
But really those are just 2 of many issues and questions.

So what I wanted to really know is in general - should i be nice to the crew, let them make judgment choices and hope they will be grown men and think?

or should i run a tight ship, make all the choices for them, plan everything, put it in the handbook and fire them if they dont follow the rules.

part of my 3 goals this year is to find, and create a good, moral, happy, and re-usable work force that can be used again the following season.

The good guys really dont need strict rules. and i would like ot keep them happy.

its the rotten apples that need the rules. and ill be hiring almost half new persons this year so you never know what i will end up with.

The answer to your question is no, its YOUR company, YOU make the rules.
My experience has been that no amount of pleading or trying to play to their sensibilities will get results.
They have to be told, its a shame that "adults" are this way but such is today's labor pool.
The good ones usually are not looking for work or already have their own business.

As for start times on snow, that depends a lot on mother nature and you or the manager monitoring the weather should have call out early plans if need be.

As for lunch I give my guys their choice of 30 mins between 11:30 and 1. I realize that some days you just aint hungry because the clock says noon.
Other days you might get hungry sooner.

Your landscape crew needs to work that job like a real job.
Structured start times, structured breaks/lunch etc.
And you should have a pretty good idea of what time it should take and then hold them to it.

Concentrate on hiring good crew lead and inform them that they are your agent when you aint there.
Its their responsibility to make things flow and you'll be on them like white on rice if they aren't performing.
Professionals are people who can do their job when they don't feel like it.
Amateurs are people that can't do their job even when they do feel like it.
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