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Hey there... always enjoy your posts so I thought I would contribute..... I recently took the plunge and started my own business. I have about 15 years experience in the industry and during those 15 years I literally did it all... Everything from mowing to plantings to hardscapes to landscaping installs to topiary. The guy I worked under for those 15 years, my old Boss, my mentor..... He got a degree if turf management from the Stockbridge School at Umass Amherst.... Did that degree do anything for him or help him start and run his business? No, I don't think it did. I think he learned a lot but he started a landscaping business doing all the things mentioned above, not taking care of athletic fields or golf courses or sod farms.... There is currently no schooling that will prepare you for doing a lawn install on Monday, a small paver walkway on Tuesday, and then cutting 80 lawns from Wensday through Friday... The only thing that will prepare you for this is experience(work and life) I myself have a bachelors degree in Political Science (alot of good that did me huh?) But I can guarantee you that because of my experience in the industry, that I know more about running a landscaping/lawn care business than someone with half of my experience and a degree in Turf Management. By the way, business classes at night is a brilliant idea! Gaining business knowledge in the landscaping industry is ALOT easier than say, the restaurant industry... Why? Because you can make your company whatever you want... It can start small and be small while you learn the business basics..... It's not like somebody will be overwhelmed with P and L reports and quarterly tax filings if they only have 10 accounts..... Running a smaller landscaping/lawncare company is actually an easy and stress free way to learn more about business in general.... Just my 2 cents
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