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I'm currently enrolled in Turfgrass management at Cincinnati state. I've been mowing yards since I was twelve. Graduated high school with 35 regular mowing clients, an llc liscense, insurance, truck and mowing rig to handle quite a bit of grass. I was originally signed up for business at the local university- I dropped it before the day it started. I'm not passionate about business and I hate the idea of going to school for four years learning about business. Then I signed up at cincy state for tuf. I've learned more in turfgrass management than I can begin to explain to you. Turfgrass is aimed towards students trying to start and run their own business. So along with my normal classes (hort science, herbacious identification, landscape design, landscape construction etc.) I have to take accounting, business law, economics, marketing and management courses. I get out in 2 years as opposed to a 4 year business degree. I'm 19 and want to do it right while I'm still young. I would highly recommend turf management to your son
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