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I started with:
'85 GMC Sierra Pickup - $2100 + $800 in repairs
Used 48" Bobcat w/b - $1000
21" Craftsman mower - I already had
Echo Trimmer - $249
Echo Backpack Blower - $299
Wheelbarrow - $50
Shovels, etc - $75 + had some already
Hedge trimmers - already had
Ladder - already had
Printed flyers myself and went door to door- $10

I do this part-time - teacher full-time - and have 6 weekly lawns plus about 1 landscape job per week. Also have a few lawns who call occasionally when they are on vacation or having a party and want it extra nice. I know most guys won't do those one timers but I have the time and money is money so I do them. Plus, one of my weekly lawns started out that way and then decided I did a much better job than they did and signed on for weekly mowing.
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