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I am 22 and I went to the stockbridge school at Umass Amherst and got my associates in landscape contracting and I definately would recommend a 2 year degree because it only takes two years as opposed to 4 and the fact that i went to school has landed me many accounts and shown people that im very serious about turf management/landscaping. I learned a ton but on the other hand I only had about 10 accounts going into college In these last 3.5 years of owning my landscaping business ive used many things that ive learned in college as well as telling future clients that I went to school for this so that eases peoples minds. alot of companies around me are stressing at least getting 2 years degrees in the industry for even grunt laborers so its just some food for thought. The 40,000 I spent on college will definately pay for itself and I thought it was important because if I didnt id have even more equipment and trucks in my fleet with the money I would have saved by not going. That's just my 2 cents
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