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Hey there GVL..... Not sure if you read my post but my mentor/old boss also went to Stockbridge.... Now, I know for a fact that he learned a ton of useful stuff and his schooling gave him a basic overlay of not only turf management but also landscape contracting as well. I am sure you have gotten or kept some clients by showing them your reciept(diploma) but YOU GUYS ARE MISSING THE OP'S ORIGINAL POINT.... He asked if a degree was absolutely necessary... Believe me, I am in no way shape or form discouraging people from education but out of ALL of the succesfull companies in your area, how many owners do you think have a "turf management" degree? Can a degree help you understand the industry better? Yes..... Can a degree make your website look a little more slick? Yes.... Will a degree give you an advantage over the competition? Maybe... Is a degree an absolute free pass to a successful company? No..... And lastly, is having a degree an absolute nesessity for running a successful business? Absolutely not.... There are waaaaaay too many very long standing and succesful companies out there with men and women at the helms who have no degrees whatsoever. Will I maybe go back to school to add a Turf Management degree to my Political Science degree? Yes, I love to learn....
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