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Sounds just like me last fall..........
Bought a 79 shortbed Chevy with a Boss V-plow for $1000.
The plow was worth more than that. But I kept the truck, & good thing I did, cuz my other one broke down & that rust bucket 79 plowed all winter for me! Lots of answered prayers there.
C is for 2wd, K or V is 4wd. Mine has the worthless 203 also; can't even do donuts with it
Brake lines were all rusty, bed was held by 2 bolts, etc.etc.etc. A real POS. Anyway I found a place in my heart for it & my dad bought it & plans to fix it up a little.
Frame almost broke in 2 before I welded it back into shape at work last fall, also. These are worth limping along $$ wise enuf to keep them safe, but there's so many out there that are better prospects for resto work. I'd keep it for a backup or wood hauler.
I tried but had a real hard time trying to get it stuck with that 203 'case & no bed! Thing won't die!
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