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Originally Posted by GVL LLC View Post
I know for a fact that some people have chosen my company due to my education. I have a couple school teachers and I know that the education sealed the deal for them. Mind you, I dont cut grass 7 days a week. my company provides many services and mowing is a small piece of the pie. If I solely were mowing all day every day I definately wouldnt have went to college for it. I didnt learn a single thing about mowing or turfgrass in college. I had the choice of a turfgrass class or arborist class and chose the arborist class. I knew very little about plant material before I went to college and took a class in which I learned all about over 200 different species of plants. I went to school because I wanted to be a landscaper who also does lawn maintenance.

If your son is just going to run a mowing crew then I dont think it would be in his best interest to go to college for anything other then business, if he goes for anything.
Oh I see. It seems like he would like to do 4 days of cutting and then 2 days of either hardscaping, tree work, or mulching during the spring. If I was in your situation I would have went to school aswell. Those arent things that can be self taught, nor can be screwed up without conseqences usually meaning loss of money and customers.
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