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Thanks all -- That's some funny stuff. Too bad it's true. BTW, we charge $70 - $125 per 1000 sq ft. depending on difficulty factors/equipment/materials needed. Minimum charge = $70.

slit seed
seed + encap

Also now using mostly turf-type tall fescue (looks like bluegrass)

I checked out a lawn today that we seeded in early September. She called in this morning saying most areas are looking very good, but some areas (full sun) were "sporatic" regarding new grass emerging.
I asked if she ever watered during dry periods. She said, "I spend October -- April in Arizona, and No, I never water my lawn".

But thank God she understood, and realizes she may need more seeding this coming fall to finally get her lawn back in shape the way she likes it.. cool deal & I am greatful she understands the importance of watering new seed.
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