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Originally Posted by americanlawn View Post
"mostly 5K lawns, but some bigger". All depends on "difficulty factors". (I sure hope you physically visit your properties before pricing them instead of using "aerial photos" etc)

Small lawn options:

1) Use a push spreader, then spot spray (if it ain't too weedy).
2) If weedy, make a double app ..... using a push spreader & then pull out the hose ... or
3) Blanket spray the entire lawn with liquid weed & feed
4) Use a stand-on spreader sprayer (this is where difficulty factors come into place)

Stand-on spreaders sprayers:

Permagreen -- uses the Peerless transaxle. (gear shifting sucks)
Ground Logic -- same thing (gear shifting sucks)

"Hydrostatic" stand-on spreader/sprayers are much better:


1) Both hands are required to maneuver the unit (2 joy sticks)

NOT TRUE....Frisbee Dude!

2) They are heavy and are more likely not to be used when soils are wet/soft

Any piece of equipment that weighs 500+ pounds(empty) is less likely to be used when it is wet/soft

3) They suck on hills & wet slopes

Only if you have no idea how to operate a zero turn(turns on a dime) and all you've ever operated was "lawn tractors" (requires much larger area to turn)
4) Bulky

I can see where a "WEENY" might be intimidated by it's profile on first glance.


1) Hydrostatic (easy forward & reverse)
2) Requires only one hand to maneuver
3) Handles hills & wet slopes better than any other unit on the market

Your opinion...

4) Has a "light footprint" (just 500 lbs) without causing ruts when the soils are soft/wet

Depends on how wet

5) Very nimble in most 5K lawns
6) 3 spray options (spot spray while driving "on the fly"/trim nozzle for trim spraying around flower beds, etc/full spray in open areas)
7) Requires only one employee to treat lawns ... no need to have a "helper" for trim spraying (sorry Z-Spray)

That's BS and you know it. The Z has a wand with up to 100ft of hose on a REEL.(vs. T3000 15ft hose coil) We use the spray wand when the OPERATOR SPOT SPRAYS while he is DRIVING ONE HANDED.

8) The T3000 can also treat "many acres per day" with just one truck & just one operator. Able to treat up to 5 acres per hour

So Can the Z...More Acreage though(Lets not forget that it has up to a 25ft spread width)

9) Smallest lawn we treat with a T3000 = 800 sq ft

I'm not sure, but that may be a record!

my 2 cents
That's about all I'd give for it
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