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Originally Posted by ricky86 View Post
I work on these on a regular basis. We've sold many. Some advice that was posted has a rather unique method of assembly. You do not have to remove any snap rings. You should defiantly not disturb the earless one. First, how far did you disassemble it? Is the extension tube is still assembled?
Sorry for the delay guys, I need to work on this soon to get it put back together. Been too busy working, plus my thumb still has a nasty blood blister, ouch! sorry, I had to back away for a while...maybe tomorrow.
The extension tube is still intact, except for the bearing in the lower end of the tube.
The main tube was disassembled.
I think the problem is the several rivets and how the bearings lock?? onto the rivets.
When you try and retract the extension tube, about a foot, 12", shaft at the saw end will not retract.
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