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Quality Check and Other Questions

Sorry if this gets long...First off, been browsing the hardscape forums for a long time, but never done any real work other than at the house or for family. We usually just do lawn maintenance, so please be kind.

Recently I've done two projects at my dad's house, free labor of course. One was about a 60 foot long by 3 brick high retaining wall around the pool to fix the soil falling away from the pool, it came out very nice, level front to back and all the way along the wall perfectly level with the pool.

This is my next project that I completed today to replace a poorly placed and built stone ring. This tree ring is 40" in a circle from the tree. Level throughout of course, hard clay as the base and being such a short wall I don't think it will be settling anyways. Still need to cut the last brick on the back wall where that gap is and fill with dirt.

The questions are, from a professional's point of view, how does it look, and about how much would be charged for labor on this? I can price a yard pretty good, but this one is new to me.

Before anyone says it, he bought the bricks at Home Depot...(sorry guys). My mowing partner's family runs a stone and masonry supply business, so any other contracted projects would be through them.

Two tree rings were built with these materials.

Bricks used: 112 @ $2.70 = $302.40
Dirt, landscape felt, etc should be roughly $50
Appx 6 hours to complete both.

Total Cost (minus sales tax at HD) $352.90

With no real overhead of heavy machinery or rental equipment this is pretty much for labor alone. Are there any "standard rates" to simple jobs like this?
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