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Originally Posted by ProStreetCamaro View Post
I am going to my dealer tomorrow to see about trading my 460 in on a new one with the kohler efi and the new deck. I am not crazy about the 31hp kawi on my machine. I am afraid somebody is going to call the cops thinking somebody fired a gun out in the street plus it is so thirsty it is absurd.

Any guesses what they will offer me on trade in? 236 hours on it right now and it still looks pretty close to new.

I lifted this from Kohler's site, but my Kawi manual says the same thing. Have you tried this? I don't like to shut them down at such high rpm's (old school habit). I idle mine down for at least 30 seconds, usually a full minute before shut down, and I've had zero backfires. I just idle down while getting the blower fired up to blow everything including the mower, off.-

"Why does my engine backfire when I shut it off?

Your owner's manual lists the proper shutdown procedures to avoid this occurrence. If your engine is equipped with a fuel shut-off solenoid, be certain to set the throttle between half and full throttle before turning the key switch to OFF
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