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Originally Posted by macgyver_GA View Post
Good stuff man. Were you always reel mowing since you started? If not, how did you transition into it? That's the direction I'd like to take my business eventually. There's only a handful of companies around here that offer reel mowing. For every 100 landscape trucks you see riding around here, you'll only see one or two with a reel mower on it.
We actually started in 2004 and our first large client was a gated community with 35 patio homes, all Tif419. We got the job because the HOA president had driven by my Dad's lawn a few blocks over and wanted to know how he got it looking so good. This was right when 419 was becoming more widely available, and our house was one of the few to use a reel mower. We moved away from that contract 2 years later when I went off to college, and focused on large commercial. We didnt use a reel mower on a client's lawn until 2011. Once I graduated and joined back up full time in 2010 we sat down and looked at where we could grow, and high end residential was at the top of the list.

I'll take reel mowing 35 lawns a day in 100 degree heat as opposed to mowing 2 WalMarts that don't have irrigation and are mostly weeds and dirt!
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