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Originally Posted by lawnkid14 View Post
nobody has any tips on how to keep this type of weed away.
Looks like something from the genus Convolvulus (a.k.a. bindweed) ..... it is not purslane.

Originally Posted by lawnkid14 View Post
any more edging ideas she doesnt want brick also how much to charge for mulch?
You don't need edging along the hardscape. Do what has already been suggested by tapering the soil so you can get 3-4" of mulch placed. If you are talking about the area along the lawn, any of the many border options will work, concrete or steel would be my choice. That said, regardless of what type of border you do use, you should do the same thing as you would near hardscape by tapering the soil so your edging is not significantly above the surface of the soil.

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