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Originally Posted by SoCalLandscapeMgmt View Post
Baby turtles are fun. When I was a kid we had a male and several female California Desert Tortoises (all legally adopted through a state permitted rescue). They laid eggs every year and for several years in a row we had 8 or 9 that would hatch. It was pretty cool to watch and there was definitely a trick to getting them to hatch. We also had a couple of red eared sliders that would mate and lay eggs too.
Our tax dollars at work. You are aware of what the Marines who do maneuvers out in the Mojave have to do before the exercises?

They send crews out and physically move them to safe areas.....100's of thousands of dollars spent to protect a turtle.

Also, the turtles have taken thousands of acres of B.L.M land away for grazing.
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