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Originally Posted by TCW View Post
We use the triplex mower and a 25" TruCut. 75% of the lawns are large enough to use the triplex, and we will finish the outline with the TruCut. We do a veterinary clinic and a regional bank that have islands and obstacles as well, and the triplex is more hassle than its worth in those areas.

We backlap in house, once before we scalp, after we finish scalping for the spring, then every other month depending on how it cuts. We haven't had a need for actual sharpening of the reel blades, backlapping has kept them cutting great.

Greendoctor, thanks for the compliment! I wish more professionals around here would use reels.
That is how reel should be maintained. Cutting off all the relief angle via a spin grind only sharpening creates a maintenance problem. When dealing with lawn height grass rather than green height grass you need relief in the reel blades beyond the concaving created by a round grind stone traveling across the face of the reel. Do not buy what the super high tech automated spin grind machines want to sell. Even a less than perfect Tru Cut works well if relief ground and then the blades backlapped in. I know most mowers will not line up perfectly. The entire frame would have to be CNC machined out of one block of steel and and the mower would then cost over $100,000 instead of $1,000. Everyone I know that does a spin grind only at a mower shop has problems with cut quality.
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