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Buying my first zturn, asking for some help

I am looking to purchase a 52-62" machine for my family's 1.5 acre property. I want a heavy duty "lifetime machine" (10-20 years w/o major overhaul in a residential application) I am hoping to spend (overall) in the $6000-7500 range. I am balancing between buying new w/ warranty, buying slightly used (<200hrs res-app, <500hrs com-app), or getting an older/high hour machine for cheaper and use the remaining balance to overhaul it. This last option I was considering a kubota ZD21 as I love the torque output and longevity a diesel provides and I can't afford one brand new. I already know my options for buying new and its between a gravely pro-turn 152z or a big dog r-diablo 754 based upon my criteria and dealer/parts availability.

Any thoughts, advice, or feedback?
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