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Well if they were all biweekly you'd be making about $33 a cut and I could tolerate that I suppose. But you ruined that thought by stating a good number are weekly which most likely means half or more. So realistically 90 weekly 60 bi weekly add them together thats 120 a week for 4.2 weeks a month now you have an average of $19.84 per cut. Id need more info but I can not see those numbers growing to even an average of $25 which is way to close to the margins for my tastes. Is he even showing a profit? Also the extra work would not find it's self in my calculations for value at all. If you want to count it then divide it by the number of working months and add it to the lawn income and you will have a number of like 12k in income per month and thats about all I would pay for that. And thats only if the lawn numbers are not as bad as it looks from here.
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