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You could ask him for a few profit loss statements. typicialy if someone is inquiring to buy a company, esspicialy if they are not already accuanted they will write a letter of intent to the company. the company would respond with a few profit loss statements showing exactly what was spent on what and how much they had in gross sales.

if i were you i would sit down and crunch the numbers. his fustrations may be because he is lowballing on the price. charing 15-20 when he should be charging 25-30. Sure you get clients, but your profit margin is so low that you are making no more than your own wages.

crunch the numbers. see what you are actually making. be sure the prices that you will have to honor if you want to keep the customers are worth it.

keep this in mind also, because i will not crack on someone that offers competitive pricing to bulid a business. if there is enough profit in this to be worth it. you can always add new customers at your own pricing. even if the profit margins are small. 10k a month sure is past much of hte hard part of building from the ground up.

oh... just realized something. make sure you get HIS phone number with the sale. he has built a brand. and that brand is tied to his phone number. so whatever number refferals are calling needs to be your number. this is very important. when sprint tried to steel my number (you own your phoen number, by law carriers cannot refuse to release it even if you owe them money, sprint is natorious for this, fcc form 2000 aprox. will force them to release it).
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