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Originally Posted by Turf Dawg View Post
What did you use for the weeds?

If you used something that was a Glyphosate product [Roundup] then it is going to take awhile, because not onyl is it a non-selective grass and weed killer, but also a growth regulator so the areas will fill in slower.
That is what happens when Three Way amine or even Speedzone Southern is over applied on bermuda. Old stock Trimec Plus will do the same as well. Applying with an adjustable nozzle without first determining the discharge rate and area covered per volume of water can be an 8X overdosage if the rate per 1000 sq ft was thrown into a gallon of water then sprayed. It has been warm and humid this past month rather than the 18 months of wind, cold and clouds. Not a time I would be doing high rate broadleaf herbicide.
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