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Originally Posted by whiffyspark View Post
Who knew choosing a mower could be such a hard decision. I was dead set on a pro stance and 460 but that eats all my budget.

Now I'm considering just one mower and putting the rest towards marketing.

I'm also considering Deere for the mod decks. I just don't want to get like a 160 and regret it you know?
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If you get one, skip the MOD deck and go with the std deck instead. They cut cleaner under all conditions. The MOD works very well on thick, lush grass, but if it's thin or doesn't have much growth, the std deck is head and shoulders better. If I could find someone who had bought a std to save money or didn't have the extra money at time of purchase but had really wanted a MOD deck, and theirs was in as good a condition as mine, I'd trade in a heartbeat.
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