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I did hear some positive things about big dog, and I just got a call from the dealer telling me an r-diablo was coming in. The gravely 152 is more and more looking like the default choice, however I like to explore all options. A landscape company I worked for used to run ferris', but I never ran them as I worked hardscape/irrigation and not lawn maintenance. The ferris mowers I looked at in my $-range didn't seem to run 3400 trannies or fx series motors. I'm also considering the wright zto, which seems to spec out identical to the 152 and r-diablo and there is a dealer close to the property. An ex mark, kubota, or scag would be nice, but all 3 are too pricey. I ruled out husqvarna as I never liked any of their products except for their chainsaws. Deere is also readily available, but my neighbors $9k Zturn hasn't shown good reliability over the years. Thanks for all the help guys!
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