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string trimmers around white vinyl fences

Tried to search this but can't find a solution. Just took over 5 acres with vinyl fencing, both vertical and horizontal slats and vinyl posts. Notice that I can't keep the chlorophyll off the posts and vertical slats, looks bad. There was no green on the fence from previous owner so wondering if there is a secret? The grass grows right up to and under the fence. No way I could keep the damp green off the white. Does it wash off in the rain or is there a secret? Thinking of using Roundup under fence and around posts but just to reduce the work but the trimmer splashing the green on the white is another issue. I don't know if the professional lawn guys have a solution to this but I probably have half mile or more of fenceline inside and outside the yard. Don't want to permanently stain the white vinyl. Thanks.
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