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Originally Posted by Apples View Post
Thank you Mary lyn, I have been waiting over 3 weeks for a fleet price on a
72" diesel from Keils. That is why I have been asking you questions. I still have no answers to my questions. Mary lyn,do the 72" decks have the electric deck lift as an option?
Apples - Could you please send me your contact information as I visited with Kim again, and apparently you didn't ask him for the fleet quote, and he isn't sure who you visited with at the dealership. He would love to get back to you with all the information you are asking for, but he needs to know how to contact you.

The Pro-Turn is a great mower, and I'm anxious to get you on one and find out how you like it.

If you have any questions, you can call me directly.


Mary Lyn
(402) 274-8926
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