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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
No,,, the spreader I'm refering to is the pull behind minurature manure spreader... it looked like it would hold quite abit of material and would spread it around the lawn the same way as an agricultural manure spreader would... I may have remembered the name wrong,,, sorry...

I'm not saying anything about others sequence of events being backwards or not,,, but for me the biggest drag on time is getting the material out of the truck/trailer... like putting icecream from a scoop into a bowl, or dispensing soft serve ice cream into a bowl...
JMHO but sometimes,,, people are too easily offended and turn on the snotty attitude way too early... sometimes I think the terrorists are winning becuz our culture is declining into one just like theirs...
OK, so what spreader are you referring to?

Remember you are making recommendations to companies who may be more than one-man operations and are trying to build efficient business models for compost topdressing.

Your choice of words does tend to suggest that others know less than you. Several people have posted good examples of how to efficiently off-load material from truck to spreader.

Again, your choice of words may be abrasive to others and they have the right to take offense of your comments.

I will not even try to respond to your comment about our culture becoming just like the terrorists'.
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The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.
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