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Originally Posted by gdeangel View Post
The three buzzing solenoids were on zones 3, 4 & 5
Z3 = 45 Ohms
Z4 = 42 Ohms
Z6 = 43 Ohms

Wasn't able to isolate them because the wire nuts were rusted on and I didn't have my wire strippers. Anyway, I tested the zones after I disconnected them from the panel, and it should just be the same, right?

116 VAC

29 VAC. That's higher than it's rated at, but the voltage to ground was only 12V, so I think the meter might be the problem

Well, that's interesting, because for sure something was drawing a lot of current to generate so much heat, but when put the transformer in series with the meter, plugged the thing in, and tested it, there was only .1 amps being drawn in "OFF" setting. But the receptacle is definitely the classic smoked color when there is too much current, so I have to think it was probably drawing a lot more when I showed up... although no breakers tripped... not even the GCFI on the outlet it's plugged in to.

So like I mentioned above, when I did plug the thing back in after the transformer cooled off, the thing seemed to be working normally. No buzzing electromagnets (yes, I get it, don't call them motors), no voltages on the panel where they shouldn't be, and just a little heating up of the transformer what I would call normal (and no big current flow).

So I'm just scratching my head again, but at least the thing is operational. I guess I'll wait and see if it happens again.... Unless it was the rain sensor, which I disconnected when I was testing the transformer and then left off when I reconnected it.... has anyone heard of wireless sensor generating back voltages to zones or other problem like that?

BTW, your right on, it is an ESP-M with two installed modules and one open port. Not sure about the firmware...
Your measurements are in-line so you look @ the controller. The 12vac measurement is bunk (connect your spare wal-wart for test)

Mods fail as do any other component so swap stations or mods.
I had a bad single in a mod the other day myself.

As for the solenoid hum goes, 60hz hum or internal crosstalk can cause the hum. Don't worry about it.

Nice job on the numbers
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