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I have lawn that needs weeds treated but not sure what herbicide would be best. In case you don't know what centimudahia is, it's 3 grasses blended together Centipede, bermuda and bahia, and each grass can be harmed by certain herbicides.. Hard to say which grass is most dominant. Different areas are dominated by each grass type which is why it makes it a hard decision.

Any suggestions?
If that was my lawn, i would begin treatments for broadleaf weeds with metsulfuron methyl at .5 oz/ acre which will also damage/kill the Bahia(could also stress the Centipede) Then i would overseed with Bermuda grass seed and promote that as the dominant turf species.

We do this to a lot of St Augustine lawns in full sun that have been damaged by chinch bugs, drought, etc. Crabgrass, Bahia Bermuda and other weeds quickly fill the void.The new client doesnt want the expense of resodding so we overseed with Bermuda, start the lawn on our program, and eventually the lawn will convert to a mostly Bermuda turf .
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