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Originally Posted by TUNANUT View Post
Wow Thats Alot Of Feelings there.
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well that's the truth, you get what you pay for...if you have a 15 acre lawn at your horse farm from the sounds of its probably worth a few million, and if you have a few million dollar horse farm or stables then you probably have a very successful business or had one that you sold for a lot of money and this is your "hobby" or new venture, and can probably afford to drop a measly 10-12,000 on a mower, or 20-25,000 on two new mowers, or if you don't wanna spend your money, finance them for a while, they are handing out loans at 0% for 6 months to a year. It's not the same price as cash, but you get to keep your money in the bank, and you can write off mowers as an expense for you horse farm or whatever you have anyways, so you can save on taxes. so there is a benefit to spending more money.....better quality and less you have to pay to uncle sam. so buy a nice machine that will last and is easy to work on, like an exmark or scag. also with an exmark or scag, you don't have to work on them, they are built so durable they really don't break. my last mower was scag tiger cub, 48" deck 19hp kawasaki, i bought in brand new in 2005 at 16 years old, i financed it, with my parents co-signing, i used that mower up until 2012 and it had 985 hours on it when i traded it in, and i had to replace both front wheels, well actually if was cheap about it i could have just had the both wheels filled with foam or tubes put in, but i don't do things half ass, so i replaced both front wheels with new ones that had solid rubber tires so i would never have the possibility of getting a flat ever. as a matter of fact i even cut my lawns with one of tires off the bead for 3 or 4 weeks, i like to procrastinate as well. but when i get around to fixing something its done so it won't happen again at all cost. and i had to change the cutter deck belt every 250 hours, which is extremely easy, also i had to swap out the pto switch which engages the blades. and that's all the work i had to do in 985 hours, oh a idler pulley went bad somewhere along the lines but i let the dealer swap it for 20 dollars in labor.
fully lic. and ins. 10yrs exp.

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